Monuments Gravestones And Marble Monuments Headstones: An Introductory Guide.

Monuments Gravestones And Marble Monuments Headstones: An Introductory Guide.

Losing a family member is one of the most devastating experiences one can have. It leaves a gaping wound and a permanent sense of loss. However, there are certain ways to ease the aching conscience; building marble monuments headstones might just be a small step towards that. Monuments gravestones are now found in different shapes and sizes, made up of different types of materials.

Popular and durable materials used for monuments gravestones include: marble, high gloss granite (particularly black or grey), slate and increasingly, nowadays, natural, local stone.

Designs may vary considerably according to final resting place and range from traditional style churchyard gravestones, less formal, simple plaques and cremation tablets to unconventional, bespoke and uniquely fashioned memorials.

Personalize gravestones with images, pictures and meaningful personal tributes, e.g. on children’s gravestones, are also a growing trend.

Skilled artisans and sculptors use different types of tools for making beautiful and crafted lettering and symbols on the headstones and monuments gravestones.

Marble Monuments Headstones: A Few Key Points You Must Know

l  Marble monuments headstones offer a more durable choice of making a headstone. Since it is a harder rock, it is considered to be the best option for carving and sculpting.

l  Marble monuments headstones offer beautiful remembrance of your loved ones who no longer exist in the world. They require special care and maintenance because of their vulnerability to elements like mould and fungus that usually grow on porous stone surface.

l  The size of the selected marble monuments headstones will depend on personal preference. Many people would select the simpler design of a headstone with an inscription. Others will choose to go with something a little more elaborate, either as a mark of respect, or in an effort to make a final statement. In some cases, the larger headstones are used as a family marker, with the names and dates of multiple family members.

Historically, the larger and more elaborate the tombstone, the more important and wealthy the deceased was. If you go in less affluent countries you will find that the common man is simply marked by the rise of a wooden cross or other crude marker. Thus, monuments on gravestone have long been associated as a symbol of status and prestige.

Inscriptions on a headstone are selected by either the deceased before they passed, or by the loved ones that do the final arrangements. Some are as simple as the name of the deceased, with his date of birth and the date of his death. Others are more detailed, with either a quote or excerpt from a poem as well. This too is the choice of those involved in the process and if you select a sombre poem or humorous quote, it is entirely up to you.