The Perfect Gift cards and Your Choices There

The Perfect Gift cards and Your Choices There

There are some explanations. According to the generally accepted version, in 1857, spinning mill workers in New York went to a protest rally. Women decided for the first time publicly to declare their rights, they spoke against inhumane working conditions, demanded a pay rise. You can Check Visa Gift Card Balance and know about the time.

But in the media at the time there was not a single note for this rally. March 8, 1857 was on Sunday. And over the weekend, meetings were usually not arranged. Based on this, many historians doubt whether this protest was in reality.

In 1910, legendary Clara Zetkin urged the world community to endorse the International Women’s Day

But in 1910, legendary Clara Zetkin called on the world community to adopt the International Women’s Day. The idea was that on March 8, all women have the right to hold various protest meetings to improve their living conditions, such as housing and work.

Tip! On this day, all people try to congratulate all the popular women and enjoy them with the first flowers and spring gifts.

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The Perfect Gift cards and Your Choices There

Men and boys try to do something on March 8 with their own hands, prepare a delicious lunch, have a lot of photos online, and detailed master classes that show how and what can be done as a gift for women, mothers, sisters sisters.

In our country, officially began to celebrate March 8 in 1921. There is another version of why this holiday was adopted. It is no less interesting than a previous, but not pleasant for women. After all, in 1857, a rally of women took place in New York, except for the fact that they were not spies on strike, but representatives of an ancient profession. And the purpose of the protest was that they sought to pay salaries for seafarers, as they, using the services of the love priests, could not pay for the services because they were without money due to lack of salaries.

How was this day celebrated?

Over time, the essence of the holiday has changed a bit. It is now wont to congratulate absolutely all the representatives of the weak sex. Moreover, it is believed that this holiday day embodies the mild and romantic world of any woman. After all, in fact, they are as beautiful as spring, when in nature it is born new life.

It is believed that this holiday day embodies the mild and romantic world of every woman

That is why the best gift on this day is considered a bouquet of the first spring flowers – tulips or snowdrops. The question is often how to make an article on March 8 for your dear grandmother or mother. Children try to make beautiful cards, home decorations, and other interesting crafts for this day for their mothers, sisters and grandmothers.

This tradition is intertwined with another version of the festival’s origins. It was not without Zetkin too. Scientists are still discussing their origins. There is information that Clara was born into the family of a Jewish shoemaker, and the day is closely related to a Jewish holiday.